Rules for Raiding

The dawn of a new expansion and raiding is upon us, sadly that mean we need to lay down some raiding rules.

1) A working Discord is a requirement, if you cannot listen to the raid leader you cannot raid.

2) Be Gemmed and Enchanted, don’t make force us to check before each raid

3) Make sure you have food, potions and flasks. Flasks will usually be available to purchase from the Guild Bank in emergencies

4) Raiding is dependent on us having Tanks and Healers, we cannot take more DPS than the healers can handle which means if we have too many DPS for the healers some people may have to drop out

5) Its a new tier and we cannot carry people, there is an expectation of a certain level of gear and performance to go with it (check the calendar invite). If you are too lazy to do LFR, Mythic Dungeons or┬ámythic+ to get you up a minimum level that is your problem don’t make it mine.

6) We will be using Personal Loot. Unwanted items are offered up to main spec rolls.

7) Tuesday and Thursday raids start at 8:00pm UK Time and usually run until 10:00pm – 10:30pm please let us know in advance if that might be a problem.

8) Pick a main, it is unfair to be taking the spare loot for two different characters or providing sub-optimal performance while others carry you.

9) Please have Bigwigs or Deadly Boss Mod add-on. Most people are not as pro as they think there are

10) Listen to the raid leader even if you disagree, its all new to everyone and if you have a suggestion make it but once the tactic is decided follow it

11) Remember raiding is supposed to be fun so enjoy ourself

If you have any questions please talk to an officer before the raid