November News

November News

WoW Guild Rankings

Since 2011 Forgotten has been covering most of what the game has to offer.

Whether you are looking to raid or get into raiding? Mythic+ Dungeons? Or just to enjoy the game at your own pace in a mature, relaxed environment.

All Class and Specs Required. Recruiting Tank for immediate raid start.

At the moment we offer 2 raids a week.
Uldir – HC on Tuesday and N on Thursday evenings starting at 8pm (UK time).

Weekend, evening raids are available if there is interest.

We are recruiting all classes, spec and experience. We always have room for good people.
We are a guild built on a strong social structure, where we value the player above character, gear, loot or skill.

We are very lucky to have a large number of good people and officers in our guild.
Please feel free use Battle Tag raw#2211 or /w any member for more info.

 image Visit our Facebook page here.


Uldir Normal

– Now cleared-

We now have most people not needing any gear from Normal.

We are running a couple of new people through and always welcome new raiders.

Anyone currently not part of the team please let an officer know and we will work you in.

Alts are now welcome but please remember any mains that still need loot, get priority.


Uldir HC

Slow going on HC, only 3 bosses down.

We are not yet in a position to take under geared people past the first boss.

Please remember flasks, food and potion buff required here.


Patch 8.1

We are well into BFA now and patch 8.1 is on the horizon.

It may be worth taking a look at what is coming our way.

It may save you some wasted time, like grinding rep and azurite power on your alts.


Guild Officers

We have a fair few new members and are looking at restructuring the Guild Officer rank.

That means we are now looking for new guild officers.

If you are interested in this position or want to nominate someone for this role, please let us know.


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