Key Members

Guild Master: Krov (Warrior)
Main alts:  Drayten (Rogue), Mingpin (Druid)

Guild Master and Founder. Main tanks our raids and tries to dps when he gets the chance


Treasurer: Carlotta (Druid)
Main alts:  Shortynot (Paladin), Gibbette (Hunter)

Primary healer, also keep the guild bank in order after we all have messed it up


Raid Leader: Dawnfury (Death Knight)
Main alts: Lysha (Shaman), Danielle (Priest), Claudie (Warrior)

Played World of Warcraft since the original. Raided with Trueblood during Wraith of the Lich King and Cataclysm in heroic raids, joined Forgotten before Mists of Pandaria and leads the organised raiding and plays roles as are required.

dawnfury1 charpic1 danielle1



Berekracht (Druid)
Main alts: Altran (Paladin)

The other half of our tanking partnership


Shambear (Shaman)
Main alts:  Rainflash (Druid)

Primary Healer, played Warcraft since BC. Healer throughout and into the expansions. Trying other specs, dps and tank. Raided lots in BC and LK. I will and fill any char short/needed.  Lots of chars profs and I will help if I can anyone that asks.




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