HC Azshara

Raiding HC Queen Ashara.

We have done some good work getting past our raid wall, which was Lady Ashvane. Our new raid wall is now Queen Azshara.

We have been wearing her down, but to finish the job we need everyone to be on the ball for this one.

I feel we could all use a refresh on the tactics. We have phase one almost covered now with everyone having a fairly good idea on charging the wards. The intermission, Decree phase is a bit hit and miss, which can leave us in a poor position going into the next phase. With a little more work we should have that 1st phase wrapped up and there is a lot of room for improvement on the Decree phase.

I feel it is fair to ask anyone wanting to come to HC Azshara that, we all take another look at videos, read up on tactics and check out any of our own class specific tips that can help us.

Here is a quick Video Guide of the fight. Watch this or pick one of your own favourites.

Here is a Text Guide with Class Specific tips at the bottom. So maybe you can change Traits or Essences for this fight?

Weak Auras. I can not recommend this addon highly enough. Please look into it. When you have WA, here is an import string that should help out with Decree and a video explaining it.

Weak Auras Link.      WA Import String.        WA Import Video.

Steve has done a good job with the Raid Logs, I would recommend checking them out to see if there is anything you can improve on. Raid Log Here. and Wow Analyser Here.

I hate to say it but maybe, anyone who has still to experience the full fight….Maybe try it out on LFR.

We are also missing some the basics.

We need to get our enchants, gems, and buffs sorted. We also need to try to squeeze out a lil more DPS so Flasks, battle potions and Augment Runes please.

Once we get all this covered, she may get a bit of a surprise the next time we show up at her place.
The first 7 bosses are not so much of a challenge and everyone is welcome to those fights, but please try to step it up for the last off of the raid.
Many Thanks and Much Love.

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