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Guild News – October

Please accept my apologies for missing the odd guild new up till now.

Welcome to all the new people that have joined us for Battle for Azeroth.

Raids are going well. With a lot of new members joining our regular team. We have been successful in getting 6 Normal Bosses down. After dipping our toe in to HC, we did well downing the first 2 Bosses. We tried the next 3 but these seem a big ask at present.

The Transmog event got over looked last Thursday but it is back again this week, with the theme being – Old Gods -.

We are getting our teeth into mythic+ dungeons. More and more people are picking up keystones and starting to progress. I believe we completed a +7 last week.

 on the downside..

I want to address any issues and look to improve things where we can. I would like the guild to always be moving forward.

We try to involve everyone in everything we can and we can turn a blind eye to…

Tactics, knowing what to expect, Item level, Enchants/Gems, Flaks/Potions Food Buffs, and Experience for Normal raids or lower Mythic dungeons. We can normally force our way through and just get the job done.

 However the more difficult content requires a higher level of commitment,  plus all of the above and is very unforgiving (and not to mention expensive) if someone is having an off-day.

This is just how the game works and we try to cover the content appropriate for all our players. At present Thursdays raid is open to everyone regardless of item level or experience. Tuesdays is open to everyone with a competitive item level, who has raided with us before and is familiar with the encounters. There is a HC raid set for Sundays open to everyone who is up to speed. Places will be offered in the week. Anyone who is not currently involved and would like to be considered, please add your name to the calendar and contact an officer to arrange an invite.

Regardless of which Raid you would like to be a part of, please respect the other players. We kindly request you be at the entrance on time with your consumables and have a good idea of what to expect. (at least read the dungeon journal or try it on LFR).

I would like to add, we try hard to cover everything that everyone wants to do, While working long days, dealing with day to day life, going afk/missing the chat/forgetting and (being a little selfish here), get the things done in game that one wants to do.

If ever there is something you need please feel free to /w me or any officer and we will do our best to help.

WoW Guild Rankings

Since 2011 Forgotten has been covering most of what the game has to offer.

Whether you are looking to raid or get into raiding? Mythic+ Dungeons? Or just to enjoy the game at your own pace in a mature, relaxed environment.

All Class and Specs Required.

At the moment we offer 2 raids a week.
Uldir – N on Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting at 8pm (UK time).

Weekend, afternoon/evening raids are available if there is interest.

 We are recruiting all classes, spec and experience. We always have room for good people.
 We are a guild built on a strong social structure, where we value the player above character, gear, loot or skill.

We are very lucky to have a large number of good people and officers in our guild.
 Please feel free use Battle Tag raw#2211 or /w any member for more info.

 image Visit our Facebook page here.

Guild website is here


The next boss on our list is….

Normal Mythrax

– HC –



Our last kill was….

 Normal Zul, Reborn




Item Levels

 Top 5 item level are…

– Content on Order – Please allow up to 28 days –


Guild Roster

As always the guild roster could use a clean up again. There are a few promotions that have been missed, I will try hard to sort that too.

 Anyone that’s been absent for a long period with out a note from their parents will be removed.

Don’t be alarmed if you see a few names removed, it just means I we have finally got round to doing it.




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