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Since 2011 Forgotten has been covering most of what the game has to offer.

Whether you are looking to raid or get into raiding? Mythic+ Dungeons? Or just to enjoy the game at your own pace in a mature, relaxed environment.

All Class and Specs Required. Recruiting Warlock for immediate HC raid start.

At the moment we offer 2 raids a week.
Tomb of Sargeras – HC on Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting at 8pm (UK time).

Weekend, afternoon/evening raids are available if there is interest.

We are recruiting all classes, spec and experience. We always have room for good people.
We are a guild built on a strong social structure, where we value the player above character, gear, loot or skill.

We are very lucky to have a large number of good people and officers in our guild.
Please feel free use Battle Tag raw#2211 or /w any member for any more info or questions.

  Visit our Facebook page here.

Guild Website is here.


The next boss on our list is….

Heroic – Kil’Jaeden


Our last kill was….

Heroic – Fallen Avatar


Just around the corner….

Antorus the Burning Throne


A good opportunity for all who missed out on ToS to join the raid at the start.

I would suggest…..

…trying to get an item level of 915+.

 …stocking up on consumables before the prices rise.

…working on artefact power to get around 75 concordance.

…getting your followers to 950 item level.

and do some homework…..


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