Forgotten Guild Recruitment


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Since 2011 Forgotten has been covering most of what the game has to offer.

Whether you are looking to raid or get into raiding? Mythic+ Dungeons? Or just to enjoy the game at your own pace in a mature, relaxed environment.

All Class and Specs Required. Recruiting Warlock for immediate HC raid start.

At the moment we offer 2 raids a week.
Tomb of Sargeras – HC on Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting at 8pm (UK time).

Weekend, afternoon/evening raids are available if there is interest.

We are recruiting all classes, spec and experience. We always have room for good people.
We are a guild built on a strong social structure, where we value the player above character, gear, loot or skill.

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Guild Meeting

Thank you to everyone for getting out of bed early on Sunday morning to have your say on guild issues.

The upshot of it all is…..


TeamSpeak looks old and outdated next to Discord. It looks to have the same quality as TeamSpeak, it looks modern and has a good feel to it, with some very good additional features. Please download it, get a feel for it and let us know you feedback. – at this early stage it looks as if we may be going with Discord.

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Raiding Costs

The cost of raiding at the moment is very high and after coming back from the AH with our coin purses a lot lighter. We decided to attempt to be a little more self sufficient.

Here is a copy of my latest raid bill for all consumables required for a weeks raiding ( btw I am too tight to pay this so I cut a few corners – but you get the idea)

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website back in action…

Sorry for the lack of website action lately.

The Guild Launch website has the monthly update again -Here-

And back to business here…

A big thank you to Alt for leading our raids atm and thank you to everyone for helping out.

We are back to raiding again in the new year with -Zul-Horac-, -Tyrant Velhari- and -Mannoroth- on our radar now. Please sign up in the calendar and (depending on signups) we may continue to use OpenRaid. So please set up an account and be ready to sign up -Here-

Looking for a guild officer

We are in need of another guild officer.

We are looking for someone to support the other officers with things like…

. Looking after the needs of all our members

. Recruiting new members

. Helping  out with and arranging  guild vents

. Managing the guild bank

. Dealing with other issues as they arrise

If you would like to be considered for the role or nominate someone you feel would make a good officer, please let us know.

Raids and Item Level

The gap between people who have been raiding with us since the start of WoD and those who have just started to raid is getting bigger. It can be as much as 50 item levels in some cases. With our main raid group now into heroic, it makes taking someone new  along very challenging.

Here is a guide to what item level is required…

Order Normal Order Heroic
1  Gruul    658 Gruul    668
2  Hans’gar and Franzok    660 Hans’gar and Franzok    669
3  Beastlord Darmac    660 Beastlord Darmac    670
4  Oregorger    661 Oregorger    672
5  Flamebender Ka’graz    663 Flamebender Ka’graz    672
6  Kromog    665 Operator Thogar    673
7  Operator Thogar    665 Kromog    674
8  The Blast Furnace    668 The Iron Maidens    676
9  The Iron Maidens    668 The Blast Furnace    678
10 Blackhand    672 Blackhand    681


Raids set up on Sunday are  to help close the gap. Players from the main raid group are there to help you get to where you need to be in a relaxed, no pressure environment. Offering advise and tips, long with one or two high geared characters to make it a little easier.

The whole point of Sunday raids, is to help all the guild gear up. Please take advantage of this if you can.

Job Vacancy

With Lee being semi-afk and Alia moving on we are looking for a new guild officer. If this is something that interests you? or If you know someone who you feel will be good for this role, please let us know.

The guild bank has been changed slightly.  There is now an addition free for all tab ‘Please Use’. To help move out a lot of MoP stuff. The raid consumables are now on the ‘Current Items’ tab.

Guild Raids have slowed a bit lately. Due to people being away for Easter and a few people feeling unwell, we have just managed to scrape the 10 needed. Can we please try to sign up for raids as early as possible. That will give us chance to arrange any replacements.

Happy Birthday Forgotten

Happy Birthday Forgotten! 1st September

3 today

To Celebrate we will be holding our party in the Blue Recluse on Sunday September 7th.

The Landlord of the Blue Recluse has not yet confirmed our booking of the function room. This may have something to do with us not paying the bill for the damages last year. As you are well aware the Blue Recluse is located in Stormwind but lucky for us its right by the wall. The plan is to stay there ave a couple of drinks and genearlly be as noisey and boisterous as we can while enjoying a drink or two. I am sure at some point we will be kicked out by the locals and forced to move on.

blue recluse

Then its on to Ironforge for more of the same

stonefire tavern

Then on to  Darnassus …

pic/map coming soon…

Please note this is not a pvp event. It is only for a bit of fun, something out of the ordaary.

PvP gear is not required – There are no level requirements – Please bring your own drinks as we will not get served in Stormwind without ID. Please bring any in game ‘party type items’.

We all meet up clear the npc’s from our tables. We are not looking to go outside of the pubs just to have a few drinks  while we wait to be kicked out by the locals. There is no rewards for this event other than bragging rights for ‘Last Man Standing’ in the 3 pubs.