Forgotten Guild Recruitment


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Since 2011 Forgotten has been covering most of what the game has to offer.

Whether you are looking to raid or get into raiding? Mythic+ Dungeons? Or just to enjoy the game at your own pace in a mature, relaxed environment.

All Class and Specs Required. Recruiting Warlock for immediate HC raid start.

At the moment we offer 2 raids a week.
Tomb of Sargeras – HC on Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting at 8pm (UK time).

Weekend, afternoon/evening raids are available if there is interest.

We are recruiting all classes, spec and experience. We always have room for good people.
We are a guild built on a strong social structure, where we value the player above character, gear, loot or skill.

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Guild Meeting

Thank you to everyone for getting out of bed early on Sunday morning to have your say on guild issues.

The upshot of it all is…..


TeamSpeak looks old and outdated next to Discord. It looks to have the same quality as TeamSpeak, it looks modern and has a good feel to it, with some very good additional features. Please download it, get a feel for it and let us know you feedback. – at this early stage it looks as if we may be going with Discord.

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Raiding Costs

The cost of raiding at the moment is very high and after coming back from the AH with our coin purses a lot lighter. We decided to attempt to be a little more self sufficient.

Here is a copy of my latest raid bill for all consumables required for a weeks raiding ( btw I am too tight to pay this so I cut a few corners –¬†but you get the idea)

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website back in action…

Sorry for the lack of website action lately.

The Guild Launch website has the monthly update again -Here-

And back to business here…

A big thank you to Alt for leading our raids atm and thank you to everyone for helping out.

We are back to raiding again in the new year with -Zul-Horac-, -Tyrant Velhari- and -Mannoroth- on our radar now. Please sign up in the calendar and (depending on signups) we may continue to use OpenRaid. So please set up an account and be ready to sign up -Here-