Blackhand Lives

Few few mistakes coupled with panic! Let Blackhand off the hook. Phase 1 and 2 seemed not cause us too much problems. Slightly different tactics here for Phase 3, see what you think?

From a tanks point of view…  Shattering Smash Icon Shattering Smash knocks us back into Molten Slag Icon Molten Slag  which dishes out its damage very fast,  after the 2nd one it can take a few seconds to get out of this.

 Getting hit by Impaling Throw Icon Impaling Throw makes positioning difficult, if it does not knock us off the edge in phase 3. Attach Slag Bombs Icon Attach Slag Bombs is also something that I had to deal with along with Massive Shattering Smash Icon Massive Shattering Smash, making phase 3 quite tricky for tanks.