Terkey the Murloc Battle Pet

How to find Terkey the Murloc Battle Pet

Terkey’s egg can be found in a hidden cave in the Borean Tundra – Northrend. Coordinates are 56, 88

The view of the tower with the cave above water

The Entrance is between the two “egg/cone” things

Oh a cave

 The Sacred Peal

The egg is on the floor in this debris

Special Thanks to Troshnak

Blackhand Lives

Few few mistakes coupled with panic! Let Blackhand off the hook. Phase 1 and 2 seemed not cause us too much problems. Slightly different tactics here for Phase 3, see what you think?

From a tanks point of view…  Shattering Smash Icon Shattering Smash knocks us back into Molten Slag Icon Molten Slag  which dishes out its damage very fast,  after the 2nd one it can take a few seconds to get out of this.

 Getting hit by Impaling Throw Icon Impaling Throw makes positioning difficult, if it does not knock us off the edge in phase 3. Attach Slag Bombs Icon Attach Slag Bombs is also something that I had to deal with along with Massive Shattering Smash Icon Massive Shattering Smash, making phase 3 quite tricky for tanks.


Level 100 Tips

Needs some help with what to do at level 100 here we go:

Before/once you hit Level 100:

1) Replace the Barracks with a War Mill. Doing this will give quest gear a better chance of been upgraded and will most likely mean you will be better geared. In addition at level 3 (get level 3 you must level 20 followers 100) at will supply a “Seal of Tempered Fate” every week


2) Level all of your followers to 100. Do not attach them to building until they have leveled up or this will prevent you upgrading your war mill


3) Go Treasure hunting.  Maps will full locations are sold by Srikka an Arakkoa in Warspear (under a roof near the Archaeology trainers) for 100g each or by using the Handy Notes Add-on. Treasures reward, gold, experience, items or garrison resources and there are many per zone.


4) At level 98 start the legendary ring quest. The Legendary Ring Quest Guide

5) Produce your profession daily materials each day. It takes about a week to produce a 640 items (They are upgradable which even more mats). I also recommend you build your small profession building which allows work orders to produce more of the limited materials.

Now I am 100:

1) High Level follower quests can reward 615 and 630 gear. This gear also have a chance to be “War Forged” which is +6 ilvl as well as gem and 3rd tier stats. Either if you already have gear of 630 or 615 it is worth doing these missions as it may give and upgrade.

2) Do the Apexis Crystal daily (1000 for the group or 800 for the non-group).  There is usually at least one guild group per day for the high reward group version. If you miss it you can use the group finder etc. or do the non-group version. Dawn-Seeker Jiklar in Warspear sells item for crystals, they start at 630ilvl.


3000 – Cloak, Wrists
4000 – Gloves, Waist
5000 – Leggings, head

There items can be further upgraded for extra crystals

3) Do the proving grounds, it will reward you with a ilvl 610 Weapon for completing a bronze.


4) Finish off questing, I got a level 625 2 Handed Weapon from the last quest thanks to upgrades

5) Run level 100 dungeons for gear, they reward 615 ilvl items.

Dungeon HC/Raiding:

1) Complete Proving Ground Silver for all roles you want to do. You will not be able to do a random group if you have not got these (you can join a full pre-made group).

2) Finish all the HC Dungeons required for the legendary ring quest, the reward is a 680 ilvl version.

3) If you want to raid with us its time for basic enchants for Rings, cloak, and neck (around 300g each) you can also enchant your weapon if you have a good one. Item with sockets should gem with at least the basic Draenor gems.

4) Flasks and potions

5) Molten Core, I’m not going to lie level 100 Molten Core is a rubbish experience, allow around 3 hours for it. No loot drops at all apart from the last boss however you get a mount and a guaranteed 640 ivl head piece


6) Top up your seals, you can purchase 3 per week and hold a maximum of 10. If you have a war mill level 3 you will get one free per week. There are also follower missions that can reward them. The rest can be purchased from Fate-Twister Tiklal in Warspear (see map further up the page)

6) LFR, Openraid, group finder

7) Help other gulid members

Tank Guide to SoO…. Well it gets me through

This is a guide to tanking SoO. It is really here for a reference for me as i dont rememebr things so well these days. The basic tank points are here and some warrior specific tips….

Part 1


Tank Swap = after every Corrosive Blast Icon Corrosive Blast (plenty of time here).

 Warrior Abilities =

   Shield Barrier on Corrosive Blast Icon Corrosive Blast

   Rallying Cry use in the later ‘blob’ phase if a lot of raid damage.

Warrior Abilities =Banners ….

   Skull Banner with Bloodlust/Time Warp at the start

   Demoralizing Banner use in a later ‘blob’ phase if a lot of raid damage.

Warrior Talents =

  Piercing Howl (level 45 talent) to slow the blobs.

  Vigilance (level 75 talent) to help the other tank through  Corrosive Blast Icon Corrosive Blast

fallen protectors

No Tank Swap. Pick your boss and tank his add(s) at 66% and again at 33%.

Warrior Specific

Shield Block often.

Shield Barrier on Calamity.

Skull Banner with Bloodlust/Time Warp near the end.

Demoralizing Banner  on  Sun’s Dark Meditation

He = Tank him in the middle at the start to get in a bit cleave damage on all 3. Moving out for Noxious Poison and  watch out for his Gouge and move through him or be facing away from him or move out of his range.

Add = Embodied Anguish ask for the Mark of Anguish to be passed to you.

 Intervene the target with the mark and use Vigilance if they are slow to pass it. Use Demoralizing Banner to reduce its damage

Rook = Tank him in the middle (FACING AWAY  Vengeful Strikes ) at the start to get in a bit cleave damage on all 3. Moving out near 66%.

Adds = Forget Embodied Sorrow

           Taunt over Embodied Gloom and Interupt

           Pick up Embodied Misery and face her away from raid.

Use Vigilance on He tank when he has the Mark of Anguish


Tank Swap = 2 stacks of Self Doubt is a bit tricky with the tanks doing Test of Confidence

At fist you will need to tank the Boss and big adds till the other tanks comes back from his challenge. I am sure i have survived with a lot more than 2 stacks.

Shield Block often.

Your Personal Challenge Test of Confidence .

Use your big cool downs here if needed.

Skull Banner with Bloodlust/Time Warp near the end.

sha of pride

Tank swap = straight after every Wounded Pride (very unforgiving if you get this wrong).

Shield Block often.

Shield Barrier for Swelling Pride

Heroic Leap to the Prison release when not tanking.

Rallying Cry and Demoralizing Banner when when it looks like Bursting Pride may casue an issue.

Skull Banner with Bloodlust/Time Warp near the end.

Part 2 – coming soon (maybe if I cba)